1.  Where are you located?


     We are located in Evans City, PA    


2.  Can we visit a pet we are interested in adopting?


     We encourage a meet and greet with the pet or pets you are interested in.  You can arrange a time to

     visit by contacting the foster parent of the pet you want to meet.  The contact information should be listed

     on this website or by linking to the www.petfinder.com link on the Adoptions page of this website.


3.  Why do you ask for veterinary records?  


     We like to contact your current and sometimes your previous vets to check that your current and past pets have

     been kept up to date on their vaccinations, have had annual wellness visits and have had appropriate care during  

     the life of your pet. This includes appropriate end of life care for your pet.


4.  Do you require a fenced yard?


     This depends on the animal you are adopting.  We don't always require a fenced yard, but for certain pets and

     breeds, a fenced yard might be required.  If you do have a fenced yard, it must be in good repair.


5.  What are your requirements for pet adoptions? 


  • All current pets must be spayed/neutered

  • You must own your home or have landlord permission to adopt if you rent.

  • We require vet references for current and previous pets for the past few years

  • It is our policy to deliver the animals to their new homes.  Because of this, we do try to adopt within the Pittsburgh area or surrounding areas within a 100 or so miles.  It will be up to the foster parents to determine how far they are wiling to travel to deliver the animal.

  • We ask for 3 personal references (2 of the references must be non-family members).


6.  What are your fees?  


     Our fees are generally $250 to $300 per dog.  These fees allow us to provide medical care to our rescue animals.          


7.  Why are the fees  as high as they are?


     These fees allow us to provide medical care to our rescue animals. We also make sure we spay/neuter, micro-chip and have all animals up to                    date on their shots. We have our rescues on monthly heartworm, flea/tick preventive medication and de-worm them. Each animal has a                            veterinary office visit and sometimes more if there are other medical treatments needed. We pay more for some animals and less for others,

     but this is an overall average of what it costs for us to pickup, deliver, feed, provide medical care for and take care of each animal.


8.  What medical vetting do you do for each animal prior to adoption? 


     All animals are spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, de-wormed, have a vet exam, up to date on all vaccinations based on the animal's age.  All                      animals 3 months and older have a rabies vaccine.  Some animals may require boosters after being adopted depending on their age and how                  long we've had them.


                                                                                   9.  Do you have dogs only for adoption or do you adopt cats and other animals also?


                                                                                       We only rescue dogs at the present time.


                                                                                 10.  How can I make donations to your rescue group?  Can I use PayPal or credit cards?


                                                                                       Go to the Donate Page and Click on the Donate Button below the Piggy Bank!  

                                                                                       You can pay through PayPal, or you can pay with a credit card or bank account if you don't

                                                                                       have a PayPal account.


                                                                                       We also gladly accept checks mailed to:

                                                                                       Taz & Penny's Happy Tails Rescue 

                                                                                       1033 S Washington St

                                                                                        Evans City, PA 16033







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